Our Story

Paymentology was founded in 2015 by experts with twenty years of experience in payments industry. Their skills and expertise allowed them to identify gaps in legacy processors that cannot be easily plugged.

In doing so, came the launch of Paymentology. The core focus area are being security, flexibility and reconcilation.

Meet the Team



    Shane has a proven track record in delivering innovative solutions within the Payments space.

    He is committed to driving Paymentology forward as a leading disruptor within the Issuer side payments processing space.

    A driven entrepreneur, Shane has been a key player in numerous start-ups including FEV a leading UK gift card supplier and GPS, a payments processing company processing >$2bn.



    Akshay is a passionate entrepreneur with an ability to strike balance within the frantic world of the start-up.

    With more than ten years hands on management within the Payments sector, Akshay has a deep sense of understanding for the mechanics of payment processing.

    Akshay is responsible for client on-boarding at Paymentology.



    Rohan has been managing the growing Paymentology team in Nepal since outset. He is one of those exceptional project managers who really goes the extra mile to solve problems.

    His expertise extends across .net and into MS SQL server. He is also an experienced NFC/HCE developer and was responsible for one of the very first operational HCE applications in the UK.


    Business and Operations Manager

    Jenny helps to manage the business side of things. From operations and sales to project and client relationship management, she gets involved in various areas of the business on a daily basis.



    Dilip is a senior software architect at Paymentology. His expertise in varied fields including .NET, web, security, networks, etc. allows him to make design decisions and understand its security implications across platforms. He is responsible for architecting highly secure coherent solutions that can meet even the most stringent of standards.



    Rohit is a senior .NET analyst responsible for the development of Paymentology client technical interfaces.


    Mobile Development

    Sujan is responsible for development of all things mobile at Paymentology. His expertise extends accross Andriod and Ios platforms.

    His stengths also include EMV mathematics and development of full contactless solutions (HCE) over NFC.



    Bil is a senior softwere engineer at Paymentology responsible for developing WPF application and web API in .NET. He is highly focused, energetic and easy to work with. His expertise is on developing user friendly applications.



    Mahesh is interested in high performance computing and pushing the throughput of the Suite.



    Purnima is responsible for technical documentation and their management for all the Paymentology applications. She has a key role in marketing by various data collections on today’s payment pioneers and helps to establish a relationship with them.



    Sanil is a Senior Software Engineer at Paymentology responsible for developing api in .net also his domain extend on MSSQL.