Paymentology identified that legacy platforms suffer from fundamental flexibility and security problems, which are inadequately solved via bolt-on fixes.

Paymentology offers an array of issuer side payment processing solutions from hosting to modules which demonstrably outperform legacy systems in security, flexibility and speed to market.

External Authorisation

Inviting clients to be an integral part of the live authorisation decision process.

Live Card Control

Set your own rules on your cards and apply them instantly. Increasing speed to market and reducing costly rules development.

Card Management Suite

Highly visual, intuitive, user interface facilitating complete control for our clients card portfolio.

KeyStore Isolation

Providing extra layers of card data protection, whilst retaining high levels of performance.

CVV Elimination and Sensitive Data Cleansing

Dynamic Memory Overwrite and dynamic CVV matching ensure cleansing of sensitive cardholder data at all times.


Providing complete transparency, down to a single transaction, faster and with more detail than other platforms on the market.

End to End Encryption - Protection of information from open to close of transaction
EMV Compliant— Chip and PIN security protocol
Data Tokenisation — Concealing Sensitive data
PCI Compliance - Safe acceptance, processing, storing & transmitting of information
Dynamic Ram Overwrite (DRO) inter-authorization memory wipe to reduce hacking risk
Total Key Isolation from Database Infrastructure (Patented)
Inside-job Protection
Hidden CW (Patented)
Man-in-the middle proof web services provision
Web Services Security— Unique key specific to each web service
Pre-Paid and Debit Card Supported
Cloud Ready platform PCI 3.2 by Design
Card usage and dynamic granular rules programmable by clients —every MC component.
Card Management Suite
Multi Element Dynamic Wallet Support: Currency, Country, MCC, Retailer