Paymentology provides expertise to its clients so they understand their settlement process in depth, ensuring accounts are credited and debited appropriately.

MasterCard Billing

Providing clients with tools to understand their settlement data in granular details to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency of their card program.


Providing our clients understanding of the authorisation message flow.

Understanding all fees

Providing our clients understanding of all fees incured.

Multi-FX wallet

Multi-FX wallet Auto Transfer considerations at authorisation stage.

Principle fraud assessments

Principle fraud assessments Providing the fundamental knowledge of the principal fraud assessments and enhancement.

Utilising authorisation messages

Utilising authorisation messages Providing our clients with the understanding what components exist and which ones to utilise improving their approval process.

Third party processor

Third party processor Providing our clients’ the understanding with forensic analysis in the way their processor should be storing customer data.

Web Services

Paymentology reviews its clients current web service usage, to ensure full utilisation of the service while being cost effective.

MasterCard and VISA BIN Setup

Assisting our clients in completing both the MasterCard Parameter Worksheet (APW) and Visa MiQ. Using Paymentology’s expertise we configuring our clients’ products in the most cost-effective way.

Chip and Pin Capabilities

The Paymentology team can help you configure your chip profile, standard MasterCard/Visa profile versus enhanced. From fall backs to signature or offline validation, PIN counters to contactless transactions, we can help you configure the optimal product.

Host card emulation

Do you require a host card emulation application to allow contactless payments using your Android NFC enabled device? Paymentology’s AxlPay application provides geo-location, loyalty and rewards based contactless payment application.

Card Manufacturer Engagement

Paymentology assists its clients in defining and optimising the files that are used in creating the new card by the card manufacturer.

Check Profile Validation (CPV)

Paymentology assists its customers in understanding the implications of choosing various Chip profiles for their cards - both standard and bespoke profiles.